Midichlorian Rhapsody is a Pegasus Nominee!


OV30 Graphic plainYes, it’s true, the song behind the viral Youtube video has been nominated in the Best Adapted Song category for a Pegasus Award, which are given annually at the Ohio Valley Filk Festival (OVFF).

With the help of courageous friends, will attempt to perform the piece live at OVFF this year (October 24-26, 2014 at the Worthington, OH Doubletree), though it will have significantly less than the 257 tracks of vocals and instruments that are on the recording, which can be purchased from CDBaby or Bandcamp and through our official website. It is the grand finale of the CD Jeff & Maya’s Grated Hits.

It will be glorious … or really, really funny, depending.


You Keep Your Card: DREAMers Meet King


Erika-Andiola(This article was also published on DailyKOS).

Public policy has personal consequences and it concerns me that an elected official of my country doesn’t seem to realize that. Rather, King sees a dichotomy between doing “individual policy” and doing “national policy for everyone”. That’s nonsensical; any national policy affects individuals—large numbers of individuals. And therein lies one of the problems that plagues us as a nation: politicians make national policy without an awareness of how it affects the individuals who make up “everyone”.

Worse, they assiduously avoid that awareness. Continue reading

It’s Not Real — Perceptions & Reality


John Crawford – Rest in Peace

Today’s post was prompted by this story out of Ohio: Police fatally shoot man holding an air rifle in Walmart.

His last words were “It’s not real.” Ironic, because while the gun he was carrying (in an open carry state) wasn’t real, the situation he found himself in was.

He had apparently picked up the toy air rifle in the toy aisle at the Ohio Walmart and was walking through the store talking to his girlfriend on his cell phone. A couple saw him gesturing and “messing with” the gun and heard clicks. They followed him through the store and called 911. The police arrived and shot him apparently BEFORE he said his last intelligible words: “it’s not real.” And before they instructed him to “Get on the ground.” His girlfriend heard the whole encounter.

I imagine things for a living; I don’t want to imagine what she must have felt listening to the father of her children scream in pain and fear before he died. Continue reading

Alex’s Mom and Proud of It


Alex 1
Okay, I have to squeee.

My firstborn—son extraordinaire, Alex Sumner Bohnhoff—has gotten his first teaching post at Graham Middle School in Mountain View. He will be teaching science to bright young seventh and eighth graders, and hopefully get to strut his physics chops.

I’ve seen him work with kids that age and he is amazing—I think because he knows how to make them feel that they are amazing.

So, here’s to “Mr. B”. I’m proud to be your mom.

Mr. Sci-Fi


Marc Zicree and Doug Jones

And while I’m on the subject of creative talent, I’d like to give a shout out to Marc Scott Zicree, the creative mind behind the MAGIC TIME novel series, of which I wrote Book Two: ANGELFIRE (Yes, you can buy them on Amazon).

Marc is also the mind behind a new series of movies for which he and my amazing collaborator Michael Reaves are writing the screenplays. Marc and Michael are creating a new science fiction universe: The Universe of Space Command. Check out the link. Marc has signed on some of my favorite actors from SF shows and movies I love: Babylon 5’s Mira Furlan and Bill Mumy; Star Trek’s Armin Shimmerman and Robert Picardo; Hell Boy’s Doug Jones. (Here’s an IMDB link to the full cast so far.)

Now, what I really wanted to trumpet was this: Marc’s brand new YouTube video channel, Mr. Sci-Fi in which Marc chats with interesting people (like director Guillermo del Toro) in interesting places (like Comic-Con) and puts the results where we can see them.


Alt Control Delete Kickstarter featuring … Mindwyrm.


436a84050ebe7364f46159d4b1cd4d27_largeNot long ago, I was asked to write a prequel story for a new comic book series called Alt Control Delete. Somehow the story I wrote ended up possibly being the “origin story” for the series AND being used for one of the rewards for a contribution to the campaign that will allow the creators of ACD to go into business.

The story I wrote for the series anthology is entitled “Mindwyrm”. It’s a novelette, which means it’s over 7500 words long. A delightful length. One of my personal favorites.

The ACD team is also giving away a premier issue of the comic book, T-Shirts, posters, art cards—lovely, lovely swag. So, I’m trying to do my share to promote the campaign and the comic, which is described this way:

Set in a futuristic world where video games have evolved into a virtual reality professional sport. Technology and games permeate nearly every aspect of life in a culture that thrives on games and competition and a society where XP is currency. The prevalent philosophy of this society walks the border of trans-humanism: man and machine are beginning to merge, but not everyone is happy about it.

So, come on, comic book fans, check out the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blackmast/alt-control-delete-collapse-part-1-of-3

Borders Part 1: Suffer the Little Children


140717074651-newday-dnt-kosinski-border-crisis-politics-00014206-story-topGo to any article, news story or blog discussing the immigration issue and/or the current refugee crisis on our southern border (they’re often conflated), and you will find phrases like the ones below. These are real comments pulled verbatim from comment threads, from blogs and from interviews contained in the news stories about immigration and the current border crisis.

“We need to make illegals uncomfortable…”

“We need to stop the infestation…”

“We need to stop this plague…”

“If we can’t secure our borders, we can’t protect our country…”


“…the state of Texas would appear to have the right, not only to use whatever means, whether it’s troops, even using ships of war, even exacting a tax on interstate commerce that wouldn’t normally be allowed to have or utilize, they’d be entitled in order to pay to stop the invasion.” 

That last one stands out because it was from an elected official—a Congressman—who ostensibly has the authority to make laws. Given that the “invaders” are children and mothers, what does the Congressman propose that the troops and warships do? Shoot women and children? Shoot just the few men with them in the hope that they’ll go home in despair? I had to wonder if he would be willing, himself, to pick up a gun and demonstrate how he would keep the tide of refugees out of America by force. He’s a professing Christian, so I also wondered if he’d be willing to demonstrate this before the eyes of Christ and God.

jesus-with-children-jesus-33864297-500-375This would certainly put a different spin on Jesus Christ’s words: “Suffer the little children to come unto Me.” Continue reading